Our Process

Research and process development in an effort to REVOLUTIONIZE the facility maintenance industry in the Houston, Texas area. HOW? Real, up to date and never ending trainingimplementing the newest technology available and bringing innovative ideas to our clients to add value and maximize our potential. But the real revolution is our staff: Trained and dedicated professionals with one goal in mind: to assist and deliver the most advanced cleaning system to maintaining Commercial, Industrial and Medical Facilities. MGS works with partner companies to develop the right cleaning team for each organization’s task, no matter the size. From pressure washing, to polished floors and windows, even secure document disposal, MGS provides a deep clean for your organization. From huge post-construction cleaning jobs, residential buildings, or anything in between, our quality service and understanding of requirements can help your company keep its certification, whether it be ISO9001 or OSHA for industrial certifications, or JCAHO for health care institutions like hospitals and private clinics. Dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction and a clean facility, MGS provides a cleaning service for every professional need.